Because of social media and increasing sedentary lifestyles, youth of today engage less in personal contact and activities that traditionally helped young people to naturally develop personal skills. Compounded by  decreasing parental support, homelessness, and other social determinants of health, YLC objective is to equip them with the tools to navigate many of life ‘s pitfalls and live vibrant lives. 

To address these complex issue YLC  provides integrated programs that include; collaborations, leadership and personal skills development, and   college preparation programs in a safe and family-oriented platform to foster the  development of vital habits that lends to social, academic and                                   life-long successes.


Core Program Components

Leadership Component

  • Implementation of elements of the John W. Gardner YELL leadership curriculum: Active listening, Decision making, Public speaking and presenting, Group facilitation.


Life-Skills Component

  • Personal development workshops and activities:  goal & vision setting, life and academic mapping

  • Entrepreneurial program – Business development workshops and servicing learning projects that include the launching of small business projects


College Prep Component Major Activities


  • ACT /SAT preparation and resources (Support youth attendance to the “Deltas” University of Minnesota)

  • Personal coaching and strategic guidance

  • Athletic and Non-Athletic scholarship funding coaching 

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