Obesity is still an issue, based upon an American Academy of Pediatrics journal, that without significant intervention, it is estimated that half the American adult population will be obese by 2030, further eroding the health of the population and straining the health care system.


               Current F4H Programs

Inner City Tennis – YFDS Northside Summer Program

YFDS Track & Field and Health & Wellness Training and ICT Tennis Training and educational components.


$100 Monthly Per 2 Weeks (Scholarship Available)

YFDS Studio inside The V3 Sports Center: 701 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis.

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The genesis of F4H, is based upon are 3 year pilot YFDS completed in  partnership with the U of M and other health care professionals. 

The  focus of F4H,is to raise the awareness amongst targeted population groups about the risk of improper diet, lack of nutrition in food choices, the  rising incidence of obesity that affects all segments of  society. 


Pilot Study

Proof of concept, YFDS  has already conducted a 3.5 year pilot project in collaboration with area Health Care Providers, Medical Professionals, and the University of Minnesota to develop a intervention model to address issues of obesity, diabetes, and related diseases.


Pilot Highlights

New Research Pilot 

In efforts to overcome major challenges to sustain our comprehensive wellness business model; affordability, the lack of public support, and limited reimbursement by the health care industry to support our an alternative approach, we are seeking pilot specialty contracts and in partnership with Mayo Clinic and the Uof M launching  a comprehensive research study to inspire and inform systematic changes in the health care delivery system, including specialty payment models.